Testimonial 5

by 01/02/2024

Since last 2-3 years I have been a regular connoisseur of Naksh. The fabric quality, the cut, design, and stitching, all are awesome. It has been a go to shop for me whenever I want to try something new. What I liked most was that it helped me change my style of dressing, introducing new styles which are not drastically different from the ones I had been wearing over the years, but have subtle changes which makes me feel confident and at ease yet have introduced new style in my wardrobe.

About admin
Having reached a plateau in her career, Abhilasha wanted to create something of more value out of her ingenious initiative. This directed her to pursue her hobby with Fashion Designing with INIFD which ultimately brought her to the lanes of the remote pockets of Rajasthan. The ‘Naksh’ story sprouted from the seeds of the passion, after she experienced what she had been seeking for so long. Abhilasha realised she wanted to take this invaluable artistic inheritance of hand crafted and printed art and make it accessible to other parts of the country. This ‘Naksh’ was formalised and took shape, preserving and promoting the spirit of originality and the pure intent to give justice to the rate and work of the karigars. Today, ‘Naksh’ is an establish brand with haute coutre offering a wide spectrum of affordable yet stylish collection to match the Indian choice as well as the pocket. With 2 stores operating in Pune now, ‘Naksh’ reconnects its clientele with Indian loom. The Boutiques focus on three “F” – the fit, fabric and the finish. The package released every new season is a whiff of fresh patterns and designs, maintaining the underlying richness of cotton and the mesmerising handcrafted block-prints.
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